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Memorial Service Ideas

It is not uncommon these days for individuals or families to choose a less traditional, church affiliated funeral service. Some find the traditional funeral to be cold or it does not necessarily represent the deceased. And often times, memorial services accompany a cremation rather than a traditional burial.

Memorial services allow you to design a service that is exactly the way you want to say goodbye to your loved one and to celebrate their life. This event may take place several days after death or several months later, however, it should be twofold—celebrating your loved one’s life while sadly allowing time for family and friends to say goodbye.

Memorial Service Ideas at a Funeral Home

While memorial services can be held anywhere, you may want some traditional or religious funeral formalities and wish to have the service held at a funeral home. Even if you choose a traditional casket viewing, with a cremation or not, a funeral home can incorporate many customized memorial service ideas. Here are a few ideas to consider for your memorial service.

  • Contemporary memory cards with a favorite image of your loved one that summarizes the person’s life, interests, etc.
  • Unique guest sign-in, such as memorial rocks or memory jar where guest write their favorite memory of the loved one for a family keepsake
  • Service favors such as seeds to plant or bird seed as a way to represent life after death
  • Customized theme displays such as memorabilia or items of the loved one’s interest
  • Photo displays, such as memory boards, creative image displays, large posters and picture frames
  • Video presentations
  • Special music selection or possibly live music
  • Readings from special individuals of poems, favorite literature, sayings, etc.
  • Customized urn or engravings
  • Scattering of ashes after the memorial service at a special location
  • Balloon or dove release after the ceremony
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