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David Matthew Darling

January 12, 2001 - March 23, 2021

David Matthew Darling David Matthew Darling
  • Funeral
  • Due to the pandemic, a celebration of David's life will be postponed until the summer

David Matthew Darling, aged 20, of St Charles, IL passed away on March 23, 2021.

David was a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, studying Chemical Engineering, and a 2019 graduate of St Charles North High School. David was a very talented student who was thoughtful and generous with everyone he knew.

A brilliant young man and a kind and gentle soul, David had a dry wit that could sneak up on you at the least expected moments. Smart and focused, David took his studies seriously. At the same time, he also shared a love of everything sports-related with his Dad and was known among his friends for his love of video games. A friend said there were no bad video games with David – there was always something fun to play.

David was quiet-natured but made an impact on all who knew him. As an only child, David was very close with his parents. He was very empathetic and always knew what his Mom and Dad needed without them ever having to say anything.

David was a wonderful and caring person. His absence will be felt profoundly by all who loved him. He was a shining light in their lives.

He is survived by his parents, Peter and Thu Darling, his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins in Ohio, Florida, and West Virginia, and his beloved pet Maine Coon, Goliath.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in David’s honor to CURED, the Campaign Urging Research for Eosinophilic Disease: or to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation:

Due to the pandemic, a celebration of David’s life will be postponed until the summer.


Karen Smith from St Charles, IL

"David was the best kind of friend to our son, Liam. They shared so many interests and had so much fun together even just watching movies or playing games. David was a great role model, always taking his schoolwork seriously. It is a profound loss and we grieve with your family. We are so grateful for all the time we did have with David and with his warm and generous heart. We will never stop missing him. Our hearts are with you, Thu and Pete, and your families."

Jeffrey Stroebel from Bellevue , WA

"David was a kind and intelligent young man who was a great classmates. My condolences to his family and all who shall miss him."

Kristin Greenlee from South Elgin, IL

"I only knew David through his friendship with my nephew so while I may not have known him well, I know the impact he had on my loved ones. His passing leaves an enormous hole in their hearts and he will be remembered always. Peter and Thu, I hope you feel his love wrapped around you and find comfort in knowing his too short life left lasting impressions with those he touched. You are in my thoughts. ❤️"

Tucker Family from St Charles, IL

"Our son, Mason Tucker, has always spoken fondly of David and enjoyed getting to know him even better as a gaming partner after they had moved on to college. Our deepest condolences to you and rest assured that David's memory will always have a special place in Mason's heart."

Ethan and family from Carpentersville , IL

"Thu, Pete, and family, We are so sorry for your loss. David was incredibly kind and generous and brilliant and had a good sense of humor. He had a kind smile for everyone. David was a great friend to Ethan. They enjoyed countless hours of video games and board games with lots and lots of laughter. Throughout the years, they have had a lot of fun adventures together which continued on as they were roommates at UW. David was more like a brother to Ethan and the other boys from DaVinci. We will miss him very much and carry his memory in our hearts always."

Sonya Lyons from Ocala, FL

"Thinking of you, Thu and Pete, during this tough time. I’m so very sorry for your loss. I’ve heard so many stories of David since birth from his proud Aunt Chi. He was a good kid. Praying that you find peace during this most difficult time."

Harriette and Carl Tsosie from Albuquerque, NM

"Dear Mr. and Mrs. Darling: We are the grandparents of Nicholas Zoretic, one of David's friends and a classmate at U Wisconsin, Madison. We want to honor each boy and have made contributions to both the charities you listed in the obituary in their honor. It is devastating to lose a child and our hearts go out to you."

Fran Smith from Estero, FL

"My deepest sympathy to all of your family.David was a wonderful young man and a great friend to my grandson, Liam.David meant the world to Liam. There is hardly a picture of Liam from childhood with friends that doesn’t have David in it. It was a wonderfully effortless friendship, the kind of friendship we would choose for our kids if that was something people do. David’s loss will reverberate through the rest of our lives, however, we also had 15 wonderful years of Liam and David being best friends. 15 years of a person Liam felt so comfortable with that he could just be himself. 15 years of games and companionship, comparing notes from classes, studying together, choosing classes because your friend is going to sign up for the same thing, having someone who was as interested in learning as you.I visited for many celebrations, birthdays, graduations etc and David was included in them all. Our hearts are broken.Fran"

Lisa Klank from Glen Ellyn, IL

"I remember first meeting David when he and Mason were in kindergarten together. David had the cutest, shy smile and the most adorable little glasses. Our boys grew up together during their nine years as classmates at DaVinci and developed a strong bond with a small group of friends. Through countless school functions, birthday parties, get togethers and sleepovers I had the pleasure of watching David go from being a shy little boy to a kind, intelligent and confident young man. Though he and Mason saw each other less through high school and college, their bond never weakened. They were constantly connected through video gaming and group chats. David's friendship meant the world to Mason and their tight knit group of circle of friends. There was never a lot of talk, but there was always laughter late into the night and the kind of support, acceptance and familiarity you find between brothers. David's passing has been devastating, but I am grateful for the fifteen years of friendship, joy, adventures and laughter he brought to my son's life. He was taken too soon and his loss is profoundly felt by those who knew him. Though he can no longer stand in their presence, the boys will carry him forward in their hearts always."

Kevin Klank from Glen Ellyn, IL

"David brought so much joy to our son Mason. Lisa and I remember vividly when Mason was younger, the excitement in Mason when David would reach out to him and ask him if he wanted to play PlayStation. Mason was also an only child just like David and he always had a special connection to David like two siblings have. We will always remember the times when David, Ethan, Joseph and Liam would come over to the house on a hot summer day and play out back in the pool and watch them have imaginary battles on inflatables in the swimming pool laughing and having fun. David was just simply a kind hearted special young man. We will dearly miss him. Over the years Mason has met other young kids but he has always held David, Ethan, Joseph and Liam in the highest regard and as his most trusted friends. Mason had a special bond with David not only because he knew him since kindergarten but more importantly because of how much of a nice, smart and honorable person he was. We're all heartbroken and sad to lose someone so incredibly special. He will never be forgotten."

The Zoretic Family from St Charles, IL

"David was a remarkable young man and a wonderful friend to my son Nicholas. We feel so blessed for the time he was able to share with David and we feel so sad for all the unrealized opportunities. We are so sorry for your loss."

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