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Pre-Planning Funeral Checklist

The following is a pre-planning funeral checklist that will help you outline the details of your funeral or a loved one’s funeral in advance. This organized process will help provide the peace of mind that the funeral wishes were exactly as intended.

General Information

1. Choose a funeral home

2. Personal information for the obituary

3. Select a charity for donations

4. Decide whether jewelry will be worn or given to a family member (i.e., wedding ring)

5. Choose a church

6. Choose a cemetery

7. Choose a reception venue



Funeral Home Services

1. Choose your loved one’s clothing

2. Choose burial or cremation

3. Select a casket or urn

4. Choose a burial vault

5. Choose the type of service

6. Choose family viewing or visitation

7. Select floral arrangements

8. Select and arrange photos to be displayed

9. Decide on religious items to display

10. Select readings or literature

11. Select music type

12. Choose memorial cards

13. Choose any unique transportation (i.e., limousine)




1. Choose a clergy

2. Choose organist or musician

3. Select pallbearers

4. Select a family member or friend to provide the eulogy

5. Select family member or friend to read scripture or literature




1. Select a burial or columbarium and/or mausoleum

2. If cremated, what shall be done with the cremains (urn, jewelry, scattering ashes and where, and who should receive and/or scatter the ashes)

To download a pre-planning PDF, click here.

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