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James W. Hyler

February 15, 1966 - January 23, 2024

James W. Hyler James W. Hyler
  • Funeral Mass
  • January 25, 2024 | 10:30 A.M.
  • St. John Neumann Catholic Church
    2900 East Main Street
    Saint Charles, IL 60174
  • Burial Location
    Assumption Cemetery, Wheaton, IL

James “Jim” Hyler, 57, of Aurora, IL, passed away peacefully, January 23, 2024, surrounded by Brothers, Sisters, and friends. He was born Feb. 15, 1966, in Danville VA, to the late Mary Mays Hyler and Edwin Forrest Hyler. Predeceased by Brother John Hyler, He is survived by his brothers, Eddie Hyler (Cynthia), Mike Hyler (Marcella), Steve Hyler (Pam), Tony Hyler (Ann), and sisters, Rosemary Ritter, Anne Cabanas (Vic), Kate Hyler, Jean Neighbors (Stanley), and many beloved nieces and nephews (including great).

Jim was a blessing to anyone who needed his help. He served as Taxi driver for many friends who needed a ride to Drs offices or wherever.  These acts of kindness revealed his character and integrity.  Jim found his joy in helping all who crossed his path. His heart directed his actions.  He loved his Momma and Jesus most, but everyone was someone to help.  Jimbo, will be greatly missed by all who knew him.


Catherine Hyler from Danville , VA

"A Tribute To: Jim Hyler, My Brother From: Catherine Hyler Jim was a boy in a man’s body, but he did the best he could with the cards he was dealt. There is no denying he had challenges in his life, but he was more than his wounds. He was shy and quiet; I will always remember Jim as a curly hair boy with big saucer eyes who adored mama and daddy. After all he was the baby and the favorite, just as each of us were the favorite. A blessing to his friends Jim often played the role of a taxi cab driver. He drove folks to and from the doctor’s office or whatever destination was needed. Andrew and Steve were his best buddies. These small acts of kindness revealed his character and integrity. He had a little dog named Lucy who was rambunctious ball of energy that I declare must have drank Red Bull instead of water. This little dog was second only to Tony. As a Hyler kid I remember catching lightning bugs and putting them in a jar. They are one of God’s creations and truly magnificent in detail. Jim was as unique and splendid as these fire flies, a priceless master piece. As no two lightning bugs are just alike; just as all ten of us were different. Some with different lives, different experiences, we were brothers and sisters; my story was your story, your story was my story, rich or poor we were all children of God. After all we are headed in the same direction; we just took different roads to get there. A tapestry woven and created by God the source of all love, Jim knew this love and when all is said and done, love is all that matters only love is eternal. Tony was always at Jim’s side and stead fast in his love. He played the role of father, mentor and brother. He continued to stand with, by, and for Jim through his roller coaster ride through life. In the end dialysis pounded Jim into submission his cross became too hard to carry. Looking at the crucifix do you just see Jesus nailed to the cross or does suffering teach you only God was sinless and perfect, but each of us still have our cross to carry? As we celebrate Jim’s life let’s remember not only what was wrong in Jim’s life, but what was right! In the end all suffering works together for the good. Winter is just summer in the earth waiting to burst through the frigid soil. How do you feel when you see the faces of those who love you? What can a sliver of this love do? Love gives us the ability to hear a symphony orchestra even when deaf and mute. It gives us the ability to breathe with no air. It causes us to dance while there is thunder and lightning all around. It makes a black and white world pop and burst with rich colors. It is when weakness becomes strength; death becomes life; love, lives and breath in this world and the next. Mama, Daddy and Big John have set a place for Jim at the table of eternal life; daddy whistling while mama is making homemade biscuits and percolating Maxwell House coffee. One day we will all join them at the table for one meal-one bread-one body. Jim’s new home is far grander than 210 Coleman Street. When we look at the sky and see a star flickering we will know it’ you, Jimbo leaving a light on for us."

Rob Hyler from Greensboro, NC

"Jimbo - we'll miss you brother. My sincerest condolences to all the siblings and friends, and all of those whose life was touched by Jim, and to my father, Eddie."

Mimi and Andy Day from Seattle, WA

"Our sympathy to the Hyler family for the loss of Jim. He made a difference."

Mary Calabria from Riverside, IL

"I am writing these comments for Steve Jaeger who was Jim’s buddy for many years. He was like my brother. He always saw the good in everyone. I loved to watch him smile and laugh. I lost my best friend and will be lost without him."

Marcella from Los Angeles, CA

"Having joined the family late, I didn’t have the privilege of knowing my brother in law like the rest of you. However, I will always remember his sweet shy smile whenever we met. Jim you are a diamond in the sky! My heartfelt condolences to all my Hyler family on your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you all."

Mark AID from Aurora , IL

"Surely Jim you will forever be missed may his soul RIP. May almighty God comfort the family during this difficult time. Amen"

Patty Jaeger from Oro Vslley, AZ

"James was friends with my brother Steve. He was a kind and gentle soul. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend to my brother. He was polite and also made you feel at home . His family should be very proud of the person he was so kind and thoughtful. My prayers and condolences go out to his family. Know he is in a better place with the Lord."

Vincenzo Bellomo from Washington DC, IL

"We accompany you with our prayers today. Fr. Sandro celebrated a mass in the Grotto of the Nativity in Bethlehem for Jim soul and the Hyler family. May his soul rest in peace. We love you. This is Jesus birth cave/grotto."

Deborah Hayward from Carson City, NV

"Jim, thank you for being the great man that became my son's best friend. You opened your heart and home to Andrew when there was no one else. Rest in peace."

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